1882 X Queensbury Hunt Slick Additions Dinner Plate

End Clothing
GBP 29
Based in Stoke on Trent – the beating heart of the UK’s ceramic industry – 1882 Ltd. was formed in 2011 by Emily Johnson and her father, Christopher. Coming from a family whose potting heritage goes back form over a century, this duo join forces with exceptionally talented designers to realise their interpretation of a very traditional material and craft. Here, Martin Hunt and David Queensberry present their ‘Slick’ collection under the dual moniker Queensberry Hunt. Multiple factors make up the unique pattern of this plate; from the heat of the piece to the weight of the glaze. A true testament to the skill of hand glazing, no two of these pieces will appear the same, sure to add a creative flair to your dining collection. Fine Hand Glazed Earthenware Unique Decoration Handmade in Stoke on Trent, England