Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 10TR Serum 15ml

Glow Gorgeous
USD 70
Tried and tested retinol, but with a Medik8 twist. Intelligent Retinol 10TR is a 1% retinol serum, performance-enhanced with Time Release Technology and retinol-booster climbazole. Formulated with Time Release Technology to slowly deliver the retinol, the lightweight moisturizing serum is supercharged with retinol-booster climbazole and ultra-hydrating squalene for optimized results. Intelligent Retinol 10TR visibly refines skin tone and texture, while softening the appearance of signs of skin aging. Intelligent Retinol is available in a series progressive strengths. Intelligent Retinol 10TR, containing 1% retinol, is recommended for those who have comfortably used Intelligent Retinol 6TR. Medik8 recommend a simple, effective skincare strategy of using vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning and vitamin A at night. This strategy is called: CSA.