Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Duo

Glow Gorgeous
USD 41
Beautiful hair starts with a calm scalp. Grow Gorgeous' Sensitive Duo gives hair the TLC it needs to thrive, combining two fragrance-free and dermatologically tested formulas. The Set Contains: Sensitive Micellar Shampoo (250ml) Give your mane a mild cleanse with the Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Micellar Shampoo. This fragrance-free shampoo is designed to refresh sensitive scalps without stripping or drying out the hair. Incredibly lightweight, the formula is grounded by a blend of soothing ingredients. Allantoin, fermented Cica and Cactus Extracts help to alleviate irritated scalps with a gentle blanket of calm. Sensitive Replenishing Conditioner (250ml) Offering relief and soothing benefits, this conditioner is deeply moisturising and offers an indulgent burst of goodness with every use. Formulated using Coconut and Raspberry Oils, it hones in on unruly strands, smoothing and conditioning each fibre for a silkier end result. Hair will appear healthier and never dry, ensuring an optimal soft texture with plenty of natural movement. Added Rice Water Extract and Cica are responsible for soothing and calming, working to leave you with a feeling of long-lasting comfort during the day. Vegan.