Goxip Provides Ultimate Commerce Platform For Modern Day Consumers, Influencers And Brands

Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle search platform Goxip has now launched on a global scale covering Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. The platform offers 5 million products from 36,000 global brands, positioning it as one of the largest fashion and beauty search engines to date. With a mission to improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction, the company created a modern solution for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

By snapping a photo of a product they love and pressing search, Goxip allows users to find instantly shoppable exact items  or similar items by using image recognition technology tosearch across 800 retail partners, allowing for full control of price comparison and product selection. The seamless online shopping experience, ties in with the behaviour and needs of modern shoppers today, stepping up to the familiar challenge of  ‘knowing what you want but not knowing where to find it’. 


Goxip has additionally become a leading techstyle social platform, by introducing RewardSnap, Asia’s largest monetization platform to its brand in 2018. The platform connects influencers with select retailers on a single platform, providing instantly shoppable outfits for people who want to see what their favourite influencers are wearing right now. Customer’s can find influencer inspired items they want, whilst influencers themselves can earn commission and accurate compensation via their social content. There is huge potential for influencer’s to earn high revenue through the channel and we’ve already seen (+330%) in collective influencer revenue since it’s launch, making it a truly financially efficient social commerce platform. 

The platform currently has over 1000 active partner influencers including Gabriella DeMartino and Neelofa.

LOS ANGELES, CA: 24, 2020: Gabriella DeMartino at the premiere of “The Invisible Man” at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash // Image: Deposit Photos

The crucial driving principle behind the platform is trust, empowering influencers to sell and recommend products to their social community, whilst giving consumers an avenue to buy exactly what they want from the influencers they respect and admire. 

For current and future partner brands, Goxip exists as the ideal platform and one stop solution for brands worldwide. 

  • Goxip offers brands an avenue for selling products online, where commission is earned through sales.  
  • For brands requiring an advertising tool, Goxip offers the opportunity to buy banners as part of advertising efforts. 
  • Brand marketing plans and KOL strategy can be adhered to through the benefits of RewardSnap. Through an easily trackable system, Goxip is able to track individual KOL leverage on brand revenue, meaning successes and setbacks can be assessed to provide the best ROI for brands. Through accurate insights, Goxip can also offer fully formed KOL strategy and campaigns for brands.  

 CEO and Founder Juliette Gimenez says: 

“We have grown the business significantly over the last few years into a truly unique multi-platform avenue. Being user centric is at the heart of everything we do, but we now have a clear vision, one that forms the ultimate solution for customers, brands and influencers to benefit from, all across the world. 

We are incredibly proud of the success of launching RewardSnap, which is the first time influencers actually have a platform to receive repeat compensation , rather than on a one of basis pre-arranged with a brand. And from a brand perspective, because we can analyse an influencer’s power on specific brand sales, we are offering brands invaluable data and a quantifiable way to measure conversion rate and KOL pulling power. 

Ultimately, we know there’s nothing worse than not finding what you’re looking for, and by expanding our launch outside of Asia, we hope to continue providing a smart shopping experience to customers, but on a much larger scale“.

Notes for Editors:

Goxip Growth:

  • Currently, Goxip has over 5 million products available, that’s a 182% increase compared to 2016. 
  • Looking across countries in 2020, on a global scale, sales data shows that Indonesia spends the most per transaction, followed by Malaysia and then Singapore. 
  • Outlined are AOV for 2020; for Hong Kong ($284), Singapore ($296), Thailand ($184)), United States ($207), Australia ($239), Macau ($255), Philippines ($287), Malaysia $367) United Kingdom ($189), Indonesia ($423).
  • Although the UK spends the least on average per transaction, there are actually 4 times the amount of sales coming from the country this year vs Indonesia, the biggest spenders. 
  • Furthermore, compared to Indonesia who spend the most each time they shop, in the US, on average, there are 6 times the number of sales and Australia 4 times
  • Since Goxip launched in 2017, the mobile app has had 984,940 installations. 
  • Goxip has already raised a total over $8 million of investment since it launched.
  • There’s been a 330% increase in collective influencer revenue via RewardSnap since it launched and partner influencers are growing 40% year on year.