Baby Carrier

Family travel has been made chic, thanks to this selection of baby carriers. Browse a range of ready to shop styles right here on Goxip Hong Kong, from brands like Littlelife, Moschino and Skip Hop. Baby Bjorn carriers comes with a ton of special features including built-in back support so you don't get tired when you're carrying them around. Ergobaby carriers are similar to classic kangaroo bags for babies, so you can keep them close while you walk.

Best baby carriers in Central African Republic Keep your little one close at all times with Goxip’s cozy baby carriers. You can enjoy being hands-free, while your newborn is lulled to sleep by the soothing rhythm of your movements, or is taking in the world around them from a height. With one of Goxip’s carriers, it’s as simple as popping your baby into their snug baby sling whenever you’re out and about! Our designer offer of carriers comes in a wide range of styles and fits. There are the sturdy, sporty designs ideal for the outdoors, or a gentle baby wrap for your newborn. Front carrier designs allow for easy breastfeeding and swaddle your baby in just the right way, while back carriers let them see the world from a comfy and safe place on their mom’s or dad’s back. You can keep him or her in a front carrier where they’ll be snuggled tight, and move to a back carrier when they get a bit bigger. Baby carriers are also designed with your comfort in mind. They’re made from choice materials and feature extra padding and easily adjustable straps. Some designs even offer extra pockets and compartments where you can pop in all those essential baby accessories, from bottles to soothers and extra diapers. Shop designer baby carriers online at Goxip Make sure you invest in one of Goxip’s designer baby carriers because both you and your baby deserve the best quality!