Labdanum 18 Liquid Balm 9Ml

Liberty London
USD 80
A unique alternative for those who prefer their fragrance alcohol-free, Le Labo's Labdanum 18 liquid balm perfume is perfect for travel. Housed in a glass vial with rollerball applicator, this silky smooth, gentle formula is the ultimate infusion for sensitive skin. Defying the laws of perfumery, Labdanum 18 is a powerful amber fragrance, balanced by a blend of woods and spices with intense animalic undertones. Driven by contemporary refinement, this powerful perfume produces a quiet explosion of overwhelming accords. A bold blend of French labdanum with carnal civet and castoreum reacts seemlessly with skin for a discrete effect, while spiced cinnamon and tonka bean offer an aromatic edge. Rounded off by classic vanilla, patchouli and musks, this intimate scent stirs the senses with an addictive effect.