3 Jun 2020

The Best Odour-Fighting Deodorants To Use This Summer

Get rid of strange smell!

The Best Odour-Fighting Deodorants To Use This Summer <br/> | Goxip

Deodorant, it’s one of those essential items that we don’t often pay too much attention to, which is wrong given the fact that it’s something of a necessity, especially in the summer months. Come June, as the days hotter, muggier and well, more sweaty, finding the right kind of deodorant that fits all basic requirements should be a top priority for us all.

We get it though, unlike finding a new perfume, foundation or eyeshadow, necessary items can seem boring, and this notion means we often end up buying the cheapest option that we can find at the supermarket. However, this is doing our armpits a disservice! Nowadays there are all kinds of deodorants and antiperspirants available on the market, offering uplifting citrus scents, organic ingredients and 24-hour claims. To help get you started on this new endeavour, we’ve dug into the differences between deodorants and antiperspirants (for if in case, like us, you were confused between the two) and have listed out the best products to buy on the market. From clean lavender to all-natural and designer-concocted hair fragrances, these are the offerings we're always happy to spritz on.


So what is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants? Quite a few factors, the main one being that though both products protect again odour, antiperspirants protect against sweat too. This is because unlike deodorants that will help keep you fresh, antiperspirants contain aluminium salts which are the active ingredient that help to control sweat production.

When deciding which one to choose, it’s a good idea to factor in both product’s usage time too. Antiperspirant takes time to work its magic and close sweat ducts, which means it’s going to be pretty useless if you apply it 5 minutes before your workout. Instead, the best time of day to apply antiperspirant is at night before you go to bed, giving the product enough time to sink in.

Another top tip is to never apply antiperspirant right after showering. This is because antiperspirants are most effective when applied to very dry skin. If the skin’s surface is wet, the chemical reaction with the aluminium happens on the outer layers of skin, rather than inside the pores where it needs to be for the sweat-blocking action to occur.


Though antiperspirants are a good option for those who sweat more and are more likely to be doing high-impact exercise throughout the day, if you are a light sweater and want to prevent body odour, deodorant is a good option.

It’s also worth noting that deodorant may be the best choice for you if you’re wanting to go the more natural route and avoid chemicals. And as for when to apply it, like antiperspirants, deodorants are best applied at night, giving our bodies enough time to react with the product. And just like antiperspirant, applying deodorant right after showering is a big no-no. Make sure those pits are nice and dry before spritzing.

Hair Fragrances

A beauty category that is often overlooked is hair fragrances. Which is silly, considering that our scalps produce just as much oil as our bodies do. And just like how our bodies produce more sweat during the summer months, our hair becomes oiler too with the build-up of sweat and product. To ward this off, we couldn’t recommend the use of a hair fragrance enough. Subtle but by no means ineffective, a hair fragrance is the ultimate two-in-one. Many products marry scent with styling; offering formulas that smooth, hydrate, add shine, and control frizz (bye, humidity).

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