29 Jan 2021

Fashion Do’s and Don’t For Chinese New Year

Fashion Do’s and Don’t For Chinese New Year  | Goxip

With new year fast approaching this got us thinking about how often we dread family gatherings due to probing questions from our elders. From ‘why haven’t you got a boyfriend yet?” to ‘what are you wearing’ and then the worst ‘the clock is ticking…’ sometimes it can be enough to make you not want to go to family do’s altogether.

What we need to understand, however, is that all family members mean well (no matter how direct they’re being) and sometimes all it takes is a little effort on our behalf to bridge the generational gap. One of the topics that always comes up as a sore point between the younger generation and our elders is - fashion. Take it from us, your boyfriend’s grandma might not understand that your oversized hoodie is Balenciaga, instead she just thinks your sloppy. To help you out, we listed below the fashion do’s and don’t for when you meet up with your family this Chinese New Year.

Don’t Dress In Monotone Black or White

Fashion Do’s and Don’t For Chinese New Year  | Goxip

Older folks tend to not get minimalism, which is why it’s best to just leave this trend for your next Saturday night and instead dress to impress with a colourful or printed number.

Do Choose Bright Colours or Red

For the elders, the New Year is a festive day, and traditionally this means celebrating by dressing in red or bright, celebratory colours.

Don’t Wear Old Clothes

It’s believed that when celebrating the new year, you should be wearing new clothes to reign it in - not old ones.

Do Wear Something New

Elders believe that new clothes, mean a new start to the new year. If it’s an excuse to go shopping we’re in.

Don’t Choose Dark Prints

Sorry, but your prized Alexander McQueen necklace or T-shirt might have to sit this event out. With its negative connotations anything with skull or crossbones motif is a no-no.

Do Accessorize

Instead of dressing all in red, why not bring a splash of Chinese New Year’s to your outfit with some bold red accessories.

Kids wear RED

Just simply dress up your kids in red!

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Fashion Do’s and Don’t For Chinese New Year  | Goxip

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