18 Jan 2021

How To Style A Sweater Like Korean Girls

How To Style A Sweater Like Korean Girls  | Goxip

Never fall for the myth that just because something’s comfortable, it can’t be fashionable. Case in point: oversized sweaters. As we enter winter, cozy sweaters and hoodies become a weekday-to-weekend staple and there’s plenty of fresh ways to style them.

K-pop stars are always showing us countless stylish ways to wear oversized sweaters: with leather trousers, with leopard prints, with tulle….there’s no wrong way to style them. When it comes to oversized sweaters, there’s a lot of opportunity to play with opposites - like styling a cozy plaid knit with a mini skirt and knee-high boots. If you’re looking for cold-weather inspiration, check out these Korean girl styling tips below.


An easy rule to follow when building an outfit around an oversized silhouette: Look for companion pieces that will help lengthen your body and not add extra bulk on top. K-pop stars often balance their look with an oversized long-line jacket, which also adds a cool streetwear vibe.


If you’re worried about looking too casual, simply add some accessories to elevate your look. It doesn’t have to be fancy, Blackpink’s Lisa often styles oversized sweatshirts with layered necklaces and sneakers, which adds some edge to her outfit.

(3)Add a skirt

Sometimes the best outfits are when opposites attract and there’s nothing cooler than pairing a chunky oversized sweater with a mini skirt. Showing off your legs will also help balance the oversized slouchiness of a sweater.

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