12 Jul 2021

Popular Japanese Fitness Trainer Launches "Hell 60 Seconds Muscle Training ''

To Exercise Your Entire Body In Just 5 Minutes A Day!

Popular Japanese Fitness Trainer Launches "Hell 60 Seconds Muscle Training ''  | Goxip

It’s easy to sculpt your body at home now thanks to popular Japanese fitness trainer Yukotoya Yutore who has years of coaching experience. With exposure to various weight loss failures and recurring cases, understands the difficulties and demons that many face on weight loss journeys. As a result he created "Hell 60-second muscle training", to encourage those desiring to shape up, tone and lose fat, to join him on a journey to success, with his proven method to achieve weight loss in a healthy way.

If you are the kind of person who "does not know which kind of training should be done several times'', this book "60 Seconds of Hell Strength Training", will assist you in creating the perfect full body workout, with the content including "60-second hell muscle training Basic" for beginners, and an advanced version of "60-second hell muscle training. Advanced''.

Coach YUTORE advises that the key to perfecting your training is all about correct posture and slow movements, with correct posture explained in detail in each training method. Incorrect posture will harm your results and your training will not be as effective. He suggests that people begin at the relatively simple level "EASY" and only move on once proficient. As you get fitter and stronger, you can then increase the number of rounds and number of each training sessions as you please.

Popular Japanese Fitness Trainer Launches "Hell 60 Seconds Muscle Training ''  | Goxip

Coach YUTORE mentions that there are three common landmines in muscle strength training:

1. Insufficient intensity: Insufficient load, which means practice is too simple and easy and will result in little to no effect. 2. Posture error: Movement is not in the correct alignment and the muscles are not properly exercised. 3. Unsustainable: With longer training sessions, individuals often give up with excuses like lack of time.

His book "60 Seconds of Hell Strength Training" can help you to: 1. Use a moderate load. The golden 60-second training is hard but absolutely worthwhile, and you can see amazing results in as little as one month. 2. Attain the correct posture. If you get this right, multiple muscles can be activated in one to session to achieve multi-work efficiency. 3. Stick to it! Each training takes only 60 seconds, and one round only ten minutes. It can be done with fragmentary time, meaning you can stay persistent. For example, one-foot butt lift training is a training exercise that can say goodbye to flat buttocks. It seems simple but it is quite laborious to practice. By placing one foot on the knee to increase the load, tighten the buttocks to the inner thighs. People who have flat buttocks and develop horizontally, or who have loose butt and thighs must practice. This movement can not only shape the curve between the inner thigh and the buttocks, but is also very suitable as a warm-up movement for hip joints.

Action commentary 1. Lie on your back, raise your knees, place the ankle of one foot on your knees, relax your arm strength, and gently clench your fists.

Popular Japanese Fitness Trainer Launches "Hell 60 Seconds Muscle Training ''  | Goxip
2. Action explanation With your back in a straight line with the inner thighs, make sure your soles of the feet are pressed down securely. The waist must not be pushed back. Now relax the strength of the upper arms, spend 2 seconds to raise the buttocks, and then spend 2 seconds to lower the buttocks.
Popular Japanese Fitness Trainer Launches "Hell 60 Seconds Muscle Training ''  | Goxip

You will feel the hips, inner thighs, and abdomen exercised, which will reassure you that the hip-lifting action will achieve reliable results! As long as you move your hips up and down, you will know and feel that the hip joint is moving. The movement is highly recommended for those with stiff hip joints too, who can utilise this training as a key exercise is improving stiffness. Throughout the movement, it is essential however that you focus on slow actions as much as possible.

It is very common for women to recline the waist which can cause waist injuries. With the load concentrating on the front of the thighs, it can result in tight thighs. In addition, if the foot on the ground is too far from the hip’s position, the hip will not be able to exert force, which will not give you the desired effects. So you have to lie down on your back and bend your knees so that your heels are as close to your hips as possible and stand upright at a place far away from the foot below your knees. This is the posture that will have you desiring more through visible results.

Correct posture in your training sessions is essential! When raising the buttocks, there will be a tightening feeling in the center of the buttocks and through this the buttocks, inner thighs, and abdominal muscles will all exert strength, meaning all parts are effectively trained together.

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