16 Aug 2021
Danny Chan

The 6 Unknown Secrets Revealed That Make The Chanel J12 So Popular!

The 2020 Launched J12 By Chanel Has 6 Stories Behind It That Will Make You Love The Watch, (With Its Precision Technology & Superb Watchmaking Craftsmanship), Even More!

The 6 Unknown Secrets Revealed That Make The Chanel J12 So Popular! | Goxip

Whilst it’s known as the most classic watch of the 21st century, we delve into what makes the Chanel J12 so special. Fashion brand watchmaking, it seems, can very much compete with the older watch brands. The ‘J12’ part of the title, represents the 12 chapters, in the beautiful creation and manufacturing process. At Goxip, we have pulled together the top 6 most special points to share with you.

1/ Built In 7 Years

The J12 watch is a watch created by Jacques Helleu, the then artistic director of Chanel, over a period of seven years. The piece was inspired by the smooth lines of racing cars and the America’s Cup.

2/ Mixed race of multinational collaboration

J12 is a masterpiece as a result of designs by multinational joint efforts in the creative studio in Place Vendôme. The piece was produced in the Chanel watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

3/ Constructed with 500 blueprints

The J12 watch is a result of a carefully constructed drawing that requires 500 three-dimensional blueprints for a complete model.

4/ Tempered at 1300°C

The J12 model is made of raw materials like precision ceramics, whose hardness and durability is seven times higher than that of stainless steel. The material needs to be fired at a temperature exceeding 1300°C, and then polished with diamond powder to reveal the silky-touch ceramic the piece boasts, with its extreme durability. Whilst the materials are hard, the watch is still super comfortable.

5/ Gather the power of 100 hands

The process of making a J12 watch requires 50 skilled watchmakers, equalling a total of 100 hands, to complete the different steps from design to production.

6/100 inspections

Before leaving the factory, each J12 piece needs to undergo 100 meticulous inspections to ensure that it meets the brand’s quality standards. Each watch is then packaged by a dedicated person. We know these top stories behind the making of the J12 make us want the watch even more! Would you want to own one?

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