15 Oct 2020

See Amazing Results In 30 Days With These 3 Lower Body Exercises

See Amazing Results In 30 Days With These 3 Lower Body Exercises  | Goxip

Once upon a time it was pretty easy to hit the 10,000 step count, what with walking to work, getting coffee, meeting friends for lunch. But lockdown and reduced social activities has meant that many of are finding that we’re more sedentary than ever. Speaking from just personal experience we’ve found working out harder once you hit 25. It’s true what they say, you just don’t bounce back as easily as you would in your teens.

But ladies, don’t let a little post-workout body ache deter you. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve lost muscle and are generally less active than you used to be, than we have the perfect antidote. Below are some quick lower body exercises for maintaining leg strength and keep you looking toned and lean and they can all be done from the safety of your living room - really there are no excuses.

Squat Jumps

(1)Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and clamp your hands on your hips.

(2)Push your hips back and lean forward bending your knees slightly.

(3)Jump up.

Times: Start by aiming to do 10 in a row and then gradually increase to 20, 30, 40 and so on.

Frog Hip Thrusters

(1)Start by lying on your yoga mat and put your hands flat on both sides of your body and relax.

(2)Point the soles of your feet so they are facing each other in a frog foot posture, then with your abdomen core tightened, push your hips up.

(3)Repeat the same process.

Times: 15 times back and forth, for a total of 3 sets.

Bicycle Crunch

(1)Start by lying flat on the yoga mat and put your hands behind your ears

(2)Raise your legs and bend your knees in the air to make your legs point at a 90 degree angle.

(3)Pretending that there is a bicycle in front of you, move your legs walking in circles.

(4) When your left knee is close to your body, move your right elbow moves inward, and vice versa.

Times: hold for 60 seconds, for a total of 2-3 groups

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