5 Dec 2019
Wendy Lee

Superb Mini Me Style Guide!
Coordinated A Statement Sneakers with your kids!

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Superb Mini Me Style Guide! <br/>Coordinated A Statement Sneakers with your kids! | Goxip

You must have seen a lot of awesome and stylish “mini-me” look on Instagram, chic and super cute, who can resist? Matching your kids’ looks is not only looks cute but is also a fun and loving activity. It can help you bond as a family as well.Want to try it out and go matchy-matchy with your little ones, but have no clues and don’t want to be outrageous? When you think of Mini-Me style, mostly come to mind is do apparel matching, but there is another way to achieve a super chic and effortless awesome twosome look! That is coordinated some statement accessories and what can be better than a pair of eye-catchy and classic sneakers!! They are the easiest elements to match with throughout year-round.

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First of all, sneakers are super comfortable and good for your kids. Second, it is so easy to achieve the Mini-Me look. You can simply match the top with the same print or same color with the same sneaker, and there you have a superb Mini Me look, and they will never go out of style, even Taiwan Superstar Jay Chau like go sneaker matchy with his daughter.

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