2 Sep 2019
Wendy Lee

It girl must-have fashion item!
Those versatility vintage dress can escalate your style for this fall!

All of them can carry you throughout the year!

It girl must-have fashion item! <br/>Those versatility vintage dress can escalate your style for this fall! | Goxip

We have came to September, although the heat is still on, but we can still feel the breeze of autumn wind at night. Certainly, this is not the pants season, as we come to this type of weather, especially with all those rain. What can be better than a flattering one-piece dress.

Autumn is all about layering, mix and match, but not every girl is good with it. In this case, you need a versatility dress, with a vintage touch. If you have followed fashion influencers on Instagram, you will noticed that vintage dress is the hottest item this fall. No matter is a slick puff-sleeved dress or a flowy floral midi dress, it works easily for day or night and even carry you throughout the year. As the weather gets colder, you just need to add on a blouse or a knitwear, with a pair of snakeskin boots. It works like the fairy godmother ward, turn you into an It girl in a sec.

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Who can resist an effortless chic look without spending too much. We have selected 3 top trending brands for you to choose from. They are all high street classic at a reasonable price. Definitely worth to get one to enjoy this fall.